Week 1: Who’s Hot, Who’s Not.

Since we have actual starters playing again, might as well continue this feature.

Who’s Hot:

Well, mostly EVERYONE, but if I have to pick…

Jared Goff: At the very least today, Goff was a perfect game manager. Made some great throws at times and never turned the ball over. Finally got the “When will he get his first win?” monkey off his back in a big way.

Sean McVay: Kroenke and Demoff had to be sharing some high fives and back pats over this hire today. Looked like everything he was advertised to be and this looked like a completely different Rams team than last year.

Todd Gurley: Didn’t get over 100 yards, and sometimes I wondered why he was going out of bounds when the Rams were trying to run the clock down, but he looked more like 2015 TG2 than 2016.

The O Line: Aside from a minor holding issue that cleared up and a couple of sacks, these guys did pretty well.

Sammy Watkins: Displayed a couple nice moves out there, and you can tell teams are respecting him more than anyone else we had out there last year.

Cooper Kupp: Kupp is probably going to end up on every hot list this year. How is this guy a rookie? How did he fall to the third round? Except for one pass that bounced off his hands, he looked like a star out there.

Robert Quinn: Got a really nice sack where he got knocked down, got back up and still got the QB.

Cory Littleton: Had a nice punt downing, a nice tackle on a guy who needed a lesson in when to call fair catch, then immediately after that, a great strip that led to a safety. Because Wade Phillips needed more weapons, amiright?

Trumaine Johnson: TruJo has gotten a lot of criticism on the Internet about whether he truly wants to be a Ram and whether he’s worth what he’s getting paid. I, myself, have called his tag this year a huge mistake. But a lot of people in his position might have pouted and taken the year off. Between getting enough respect from his teammates to be voted captain, and the way he played today (A pick 6 and a forced fumble!), if he keeps playing like this, I’ll happily eat both crow and my words and the Rams will definitely reconsider keeping him beyond this year.

Lamarcus Joyner: Looked great out there in his first regular season game as a safety. A pick 6 for him too.

Nickell Robey-Colemann: Almost ANOTHER pick 6 if not for an egregious looking facemask. That one had better be a fine.

Wade Phillips and the whole defense, really:

Nuff said.

Johnny Hekker: The man is getting even BETTER if that’s at all possible. Pretty much everything he kicked was inside the 20, and he even started showing off with backspins and the like. I still can’t believe Bryan Anger was drafted the same year he was a UDFA.

The weather: In more ways than one. And I think the Rams were brilliant in their use of this. Now that the Rams are acclimated to Los Angeles weather again, they’re far more used to the hot temperatures than the Colts. The Colts’ dark jerseys wouldn’t have helped much either. It was genius for McVay to employ a hurry up offense early in this situation to help tire the Colts’ defense out early.

Who’s Not:

Tavon Austin: Austin needs to show this year that he still belongs in a VASTLY improved Rams WR corps. That muffed punt REALLY doesn’t help his case. In his defense, he is just returning to game action after missing the preseason with injury and there’s a lot of year still to play.

Aaron Donald: Today’s win proved that if it came down to it, the defense could perform well even without him, which might make him a bit more open to whatever the Rams are offering, but…

Other NFL Offenses: If they were that good without Donald, imagine how good they will be WITH him…

The Colts: Last Colts victory over the Rams (at least in the regular season)? October 25th, 2009. In the two meetings since, we’ve owned them. Peyton Manning was still a Colt then.

Jeff Fisher and every other person no longer on the team from last year: Alden Gonzalez put it best… this team was unrecognizable from last year’s team. And if this keeps up, it’s definitely going to look like we got rid of the problem.

Goff Haters and Salty St. Louisans: The Rams’ Facebook page almost makes the Post-Dispatch’s old Ram Stalk board look reasonable. There are people there who despise Jared Goff to such a degree that they’d rather go silent than give him any credit for today. In the same way, the bitter contingent from St. Louis* who is there just to hate the Rams and may be too dumb to figure out how to unlike a page were resorting to “The stadium doesn’t look full!” jibes which fell flat with the Coliseum’s 90k+ seating capacity. Both are very similar because they don’t want Rams success, even if it’s for slightly different reasons, and that’s what they got today.

*These do not represent all fans from St. Louis, especially not those still loyal to the team. Just those that cannot accept ANY St. Louis blame for the move and went from supposed fans to cheering for the team to lose just so they feel better.

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