LeBron James could bring Chris Paul with him to L.A.

As we get closer to the start of free agency, there have been a ton of Lakers rumors about this coming offseason. With their impressive young core and a lot of cap space, the Lakers are once again a desirable destination for free agents.

With the great LeBron James being a free agent this offseason, the Lakers will surely be pursuing him this summer. For James, winning championships has to be the goal as his career is likely going to be coming to an end sooner rather than later.

While the Lakers might be ready to win a title with just James, they do have the ability to bring in another superstar. Most have pegged Paul George as the most likely candidate to be pairing up with James. However, Marc Stein of the New York Times recently wrote about the possibility of James coming to the Lakers with Chris Paul.

“Don’t discount the idea that James could try to bring Paul with him to a team that can afford two superstars, such as the Lakers, because he and Paul really are that close,” Stein wrote.

One of the reasons why the Houston Rockets are considered to be real contenders for James is because they have Paul. However, Paul is a free agent this offseason, and while many assume he will be staying with the Rockets, the opportunity to go back to Los Angeles with his good friend LeBron might be more appealing.

For the Rockets to get James, they would have to get very creative with some trades to unload players for cap space. While that is certainly possible, James and Paul playing together elsewhere that has cap space is much easier.

As free agency gets closer, it will be interesting to see what type of impact the friendship between Paul and James has on how things shake out. However, it appears like the two would certainly like to be playing with each other next season.

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